Help me, PLEASE!
I am not one to ask other people for help, but I will ask you for your assistance...

When I started reviewing male sex toys, I never thought I would be testing more than a hundred toys in two years... I never thought that such a blog would get 100 visitors on a daily basis, specially when I am not promoting it... I never thought people would ask me for my opinion about this or that other toy...

The thing is that I want to improve this thing I began 3 years ago. I have plans to do video reviews, have our own forum, and a few other things - but those goodies require money. Money I don't have at this time...

Instead of asking for donations (which I really, really hate), I prefer to give you something for your money. That is the reason behind the STORE. Here, I will offer you products that you can buy to help me operating and improving the Casquetero operation. I am not making a huge profit on these things, but just enough to keep the Rubber Pussy Project up and running.

Casque Tees
These are t-shirts and hoodies printed with original designs related to the Casquetero Operation and the Rubber Pussy Project. Most of the designs are not too graphic,  so you can use them in college, during the weekend, or even at your job (if you dare).

Designs will be available for two months before I change them for new ones - so if you like a design, BUY IT!

They are printed and sold through and you can buy them HERE.

 ¡Viva La Casqueta!