Solid Dolls

My Harem
If back in 2009 you had told me that I should add dolls to my masturbatory arsenal, I would have laughed at you and told you to fuck off. As many other guys, I considered doll owners as weird losers that were using dolls because they were not men enough to get real women...

Fast foward to present time and I am the owner of not one or two of these toys, but more than a dozen of these fake ladies. My "girls" are not the high-end silicone dolls - too expensive and heavy for me - but an ecclectic mix of low and mid-range fake ladies.

Now, don't have the wrong impression... I'm not delussional... I know they are dolls, they are not alive, and no, they are not my girlfriends! They are simply a great addition to my sex toys, improving the realism and variety of sensations through my masturbatory sessions. I have one or two on my bed at all times - they are cuddly on those cold nights - and are a great relief for those morning woods when the real, living partner is not around. The names? I named them to make easier when referring to them in my reviews.

Because the collection is expected to keep growing, I had organized my reviews by type of doll - plushies, foamies, silicone, and mixed. Just click on the doll's model to read my review on that fake companion.

Foam dolls
C18 Body 4 with Jenna head - Alexa
C18 Candy (RET) - Rosa
C18 Schoolgirl - Sandra
C18 Taffy - Elena
C18 Anime Head - Yari

Plush Dolls
Teddy Babe "Akiko" - Kyoko
Teddy Babe "Lisa" - Lisa
Teddy Babe Deluxe 'Vicky" - Mariel
Teddy Babe Deluxe "Vicky" - Victoria
Love Venus R torso - Ada
Meiki Plush Doll - Lisi
Eri Nanjo doll - Erika

Silicone Dolls
Cassi Doll Body 0 - Fatima
Mini Love Doll - Elaine

Mixed Materials Dolls
Novelleco Silicone Head + Flexible Mannequin - Monica
Novelleco Silicone Head + Flexible Mannequin - Maritza

Rubber / Plastic Dolls
1 AM "Natasha" - Natalia

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