Prostate Stimulation Toys

The Taboo of Prostate Stimulation
Why it is such a taboo to enjoy your most pleasurable point? I have read thousand of pages about the mythical G-Spot on women, but just a few paragraphs about the male counterpart - the P-Spot, also known as our prostate.


Maybe because the best way to reach the prostate is through the anus - an area we are notsupposed to enjoy being manipulated. If you are a "real man", you are not supposed to enjoy a massage on your prostate - which requires introducing a finger or something else through your asshole. That's the same thing gays do, right? If you do that you must be gay, right?

My answer is HELL FUCKING NO! We have the right to enjoy our body... and if the point of highest possible pleasure for me requires me to put something in my rectum, then so be it!

I know that there are a few guys out there thinking like me about this, so here I will share the reviews of a few of the prostate toys I have. These are not dildos or vibrators - these are products designed specifically for prostate stimulation. To read the review, just click on the product's name.

Reviews of Prostate Toys (by Alphabetic Order)
Aneros MGX

 ¡Viva La Casqueta!