Contacting Me

Sex Toy Fans
Are you a fan of sex toys with some questions? You can contact me HERE.
Also, you can reach me through my Facebook, Twitter, or G+ accounts. I will try to answer as soon as I can... PROMISE!

Sex Toy Sellers / Makers / Distributors
Do you have a new toy you want me to review here? If so, you need to agree to the following conditions:

1) The toy should be a MALE sex toy. Toys for couple use or unisex toys are OK. I will not consider toys designed for women.

2) The toy MUST be new, unused, and packaged just as packaged for retail.

3) I will post a review of the toy no later than a month after receiving the toy.

4) The review will be 100% based on MY opinion about the toy - either good or bad - and will be open to comments from my readers.

5) Due to the nature of the toy, I will keep the toy for personal use and enjoyment.

6) In exchange of the review, the Seller / Maker / Distributor will receive at least two (2) links on the review to their website or product webpage. An additional link will be placed on the "WHERE TO BUY?" (Links) page on this site.

If you agree with these conditions, you can contact me HERE.

Also, I am available to provide content for your blog / website and for booth / exposition appearances. If interested in having me writing for your website or participating on an expo to promote your product, contact me HERE. 

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