Where to buy these toys?

Gone are the days when you had to go to a shady sex shop, avoiding the chance of someone recognizing you going into (or exiting) the store. Thanks to the Internet, now we have many choices to buy our toys.  The problem is the huge selection of stores. We can buy toys from anywhere in the world and receive them at home, with discrete shipping and often completely free. So where to shop?

Here I will share where I like to buy my toys and the reasons. Most of the toys I review are available in different stores, both physical and virtual, but these are the places I shop.

I became an affiliate of some of these stores to get a commission - hey, this website cost a few bucks to keep - but they are stores I had been using since 2009. I can recommend these stores with my eyes closed having full confidence they are stellar sellers. With some, I have even developed a sort of frienship... after all, I am a repeat customer!

 If you have a favorite store, just let me know to add them to the list...

Fleshlight.com (Affiliate) - I buy my fleshies direct from the source. They offer free replacement of defective / wrong products, regular sales for registered customers, and the Fleshbucks points which work like a standard 25% discount on your order. Why bother with resellers?

Japanese Toys

ToyDemon.com (Affiliate) - The Demons are the biggest US based seller of Japanese sex toys with known brands like TENGA, NPG, and Magic Eyes among others. They carry masturbators of all sizes and prices and are the makers of the Meiki Plush Doll. TD offers free shipping for orders over $75 and they have a great customer service team.

QueenCat Adult Toys - QueenCat offers a smaller selection than Toy Demon, but what they offer is top notch. They are the USA distributors of ToMax products, makers of really high quality toys including the Busty Ai-Chan and the Succubus and Venus series of masturbators. QueenCat also has a selection of dolls and other toys at really good prices.

Kanojo Toys (Affiliate) - Kanojo is based on Japan, so they have toys that are not available in the USA. Their prices can be high when including the shipping charges (remember, they are in Japan), but they are an option when looking for unique toys not sold in the USA.

Beyond Exquisites - Beyond Exquisites offers a wide variety of both American and Japanese toys at competitive prices. Shipping is fast and their customer service is excellent.

American Toys

PinkCherry (Affiliate) - This is my favorite store to buy toys from the Big 4 (Pipedreams, California Exotic, DocJohnson, and Nasstoys). They offer SUPER LOW prices, weekly clearances, and free shipping in orders over $50. If you spend $100 or more before shipping, they will include a free gift - which often is a toy valued in over $20.

Bad Dragon - If you are into furries or anthro fantasies, Bad Dragon must be a required stop. Most of the toys are dildos inspired in dragons, dogs, and other animals but they have three vagina-inspired toys. If you ever wanted to fuck a dragonnes, a mare or a bitch, they have your toy.

Specialty Toys

Extreme Restraints (Affiliate) - If you are on the kinkier side and like to practice S&M or some submissive / master role play, go to the masters! Extreme Restraints have unique toys and accessories for the S&M, leather / chain crowd.

 ¡Viva La Casqueta!