Review - Tubomi

  • Originally reviewed on March 2, 2013

  • Pros: Functional camel toe masturbator

  • Cons: Requires to be placed on a flat surface

  • Original Score under RPP 3 rules: 35 / 40

  • Revised Score: 22 / 25


The Tubomi is another toy in the style of "young girls". In fact the word "tubomi" means "blooming" in Japanese, so the idea behind this masturbator is a young girl who just became a woman.

The illustration on the box can be controversial for us in the West - the anime girl in the box looks extremely young - but have in mind that in Japan, the age of consent for sexual intercourse could be as low as 13 years old.

Forgetting the illustration, the toy has a nice look. With a camel toe pussy, a detailed sculpt of the torso (including a belly button), and a flat back, this toy looks like a slightly larger version of the Sakura Camel Toe masturbator. Well, looks can deceive. The Tubomi is a fully functional masturbator. Unlike the Sakura, Tubomi has a double layer construction and an entrance and a tunnel made for an average-sized penis. In addition, the texture in the Tubomi's tunnel is more life-like and pronounced, giving the hint of a better experience.

Penetrating the Tubomi feels like it should - not too tight, but the material grips your penis and visually, seeing the torso bulging to the penetration is one of those cool experiences you want to have with a toy. The texture is realistic and keeps you on the edge - once you are able to find a comfortable position to use this toy.

That was my only issue with this toy. Its shape and weight make it difficult to use as a handheld toy, and forget about using it as an insert. The Tubomi is designed to be used as a table-top toy. Its flat back is perfect to grip the surface of a table, bed, or one of those cute anime-printed love pillows. If you can masturbate by replicating the missionary position or standing in front of your bed or dining table, this is a toy for you! Personally, it is not the position I like to masturbate, so the toy was a difficult one for me to fully enjoy. Still, when I was able to find a good setup, the Tubomi gave me really good orgasms. It kept me on the edge for minutes during each session and I had to really fuck this toy to earn my reward: intense, knee jerking orgasms.

Be aware that if you have a thick or long penis, you can easily break the toy, either at the entry point or by popping through the back.

Verdict: The Tubomi is an interesting toy. It has a good, realistic texture and it is more durable than expected. The score suffered due to my personal preference of use - the toy is best used by simulating the missionary position or by standing in front of a table or the bed. Those positions are not my favorite, so I could not fully enjoy the Tubomi.

Revised RPP Score: 22 / 25

Feedback: 5 / 5

Orgasm Build Up: 5 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Durability: 5 / 5

Value:3 / 5



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