FL Review - Torrid

  • Originally reviewed on June 26, 2011

  • Introduced as the signature texture for Tori Black's FLG

  • Pros: Realistic subtle sensations, perfect for long sessions

  • Cons: Texture can be too subtle at times.

  • Original Score under RPP 2 rules: 39/40

  • RPP Score: 22 / 25



The Torrid texture, in my opinion, matches the model that served as its inspiration, Tori Black. It is an interesting texture, with a series of "gates" that divide the sleeve into chambers with bumps of varied intensity. When you enter, you feel the tightness of the entrance, giving soon space to a series of micro bumps followed by the first set of gates (or trilobes). These tri-lobes are soft, but they prepare you for the following set of bumps - which are slightly more stimulating, then another gate of tri-lobes. That arrangement repeats two times (if you are lucky to have a large penis) through the texture, giving a constant massage to your penis head and shaft.

If you are looking for eye turning intensity, look somewhere else. The Torrid is designed for pleasure - long sessions where you will trust in and out without wanting to ever finish. The bumps are subtle, but they keep you completely excited thanks to the constant touch of the tri-lobes and the tight entrance. Orgasms with this sleeve are more than satisfactory, building up slowly and hitting strong. Something unique (if you buy it with Tori's pussy orifice) about this sleeve is that it squirts - when you trust quickly you can feel the lube squirting out through the entrance orifice, turning the fantasy of fucking a real woman to 11.

RPP Score: 22 / 25

Feedback: 3 / 5

Orgasm Build Up: 5 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Durability: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

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