FL Review - Super Tight

  • Originally reviewed on January 15, 2011

  • Smooth tunnel with 0.5 inch diameter.

  • Pros: Perfect for longer sessions or when you don't want too much intensity.

  • Cons: Can be difficult to achieve orgasm with just his sleeve.

  • Original Score under RPP 1 rules: 44/ 50

  • RPP Score: 22 / 25


Let's be clear about this one: I have two of these sleeves. I first bought the ICE Stealth and got to love the texture. Since ILF discontinued the Ice Series (now its just the ICE Crystal), I decided to buy a pink ST in December to use the ICE with the girlfriend. The pink one has a mouth orifice (the regular, Jabba the Hut mouth), but it feels great anyway.

Now, the Super Tight texture is basically a tighter Original - a smooth texture with half the diameter of the Original. That helps to place a little bit more material around your cock and snug the bastard a little bit better than the Original.

Like the Original, the Super Tight (ST from now on), gives a warm feedback on your cock when you penetrate it. The sleeve is not intense, it is pleasurable. It welcomes you and caress your cock constantly, allowing you to build up a good and satisfactory orgasm. Great for a long ride.

Being based on a 1/2 inch diameter canal, the ST is just right for most girths. It grabs your penis nice enough to make you feel the material while keeping comfortable. Varying the end cap tightness did not change the sensations a lot, but they were enough to make the sessions fun.

Like the Original and the WW, the ST feels surprisingly real - much more than expected. It felt closer to a real pussy when I used it with the tightened end cap during hands free sessions. As most Fleshlights, just place it under the faucet and flush between 30 and 60 seconds on both ends with running water. Not too difficult to clean.

The Super Tight is one of those sleeves that can be boring if you are looking for intense, fast orgasms. It really does a great job as a "fluffler" if you are masturbating using different toys or if you are playing around with your partner. The great thing about smooth textures is that when your penis is touched by something else, you feel that touch 20 times better than before.

RPP Score: 22 / 25

Feedback: 3 / 5

Orgasm Build Up: 5 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Durability: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

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