Review - Succubus Standard Ripple

  • Originally reviewed on February 22, 2012

  • Pros: Low cost, good quality, perfect size for average and smaller penises.

  • Cons: Only one seller in the USA

  • Original Score under RPP 2 rules: 36 / 40

  • Revised Score: 90/100


 The Standard Ripple has a wider entrance with a series of ribs and a "choke section" in the middle - a section with the same ribbed texture that is slightly narrower, changing the sensations experienced by the user. This texture is a classic one in Japanese sex toys, so if you are a regular masturbator user (like yours truly), you have a good idea of what to expect.

With ribbed toys, the main difference is the material. The harder the material, the more aggressive the texture will feel. I ordered the Standard Ripple in the "Hard" material and almost immediately regretted my choice. After all, ribbed toys are aggressive and I prefer a "softer" touch so my sessions are longer. All these regrets disappeared when I received the Succubus.

Even in the "Hard" material, the Succubus feels soft and flexible. This "hard" firmness is not as hard as expected, feeling like the material used in ToysHeart's Innocent Younger Sister masturbator. Thanks to this firmness, the ribs are not too aggressive - noticeable, but never "grating" your penis. The choke section helps to change the sensations once you penetrate the toy, making the ribs a little bit more noticeable but never unbearable.

My sessions with this toy were intense and interesting. I tested this toy with two different lubricants - Gun Oil 2.0 and the Honey lotion that all Succubus comes with - and it felt different with each. With a thinner lube (Gun Oil) the ribs were the main characters, specially the ones in the choke section. With the thicker lube (Honey Lotion), the pressure of the choke section and the suction were the key players. My sessions lasted about half an hour each, each one ending in good hard orgasms. The buildup depends on the lube, technique and speed that you use, but most importantly, the Succubus always feels comfortable.

The Succubus is a closed-end masturbator, and as with most closed end toys, cleaning can be an issue, requiring to turn the sleeve inside out (something I don't like to do), or inserting a towel inside the canal to speed the drying and avoid mold inside the toy. The Succubus material ("Succubus Skin") even in its "Hard" version is flexible enough to turn the masturbator inside out without problem, so cleaning and drying is easy if you prefer that method. Maintenance is pretty easy, requiring a light starching / powdering for the toy to keep its softness to the touch.

Verdict: The Succubus Standard Ripple is an excellent "traditionally textured" toy good for beginners and fans of ribbed toys. It is also a good choice for guys who are ware of ribbed toys that are too aggressive. The Standard Ripple feels comfortable and soft in its hardest version, so I imagine that in the "Soft" version, the toy should be a dream to play with. Highly recommended!

Value: High

Preference: High

NOTE: The prices given for TOMAX products only apply to the USA. European readers of The Casquetero Files had pointed that in Europe, the prices are three times higher than in the USA.



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