Review - Succubus Bumpy Road

  • Originally reviewed on February 19, 2012

  • Pros: Low cost, good quality, perfect size for average and smaller penises.

  • Cons: Only one seller in the USA

  • Original Score under RPP 2 rules: 36 / 40

  • Revised Score: 90/100


 This masturbator reminded me of the old favorite STU Fleshlight due to its big rounded bumps. Is it that good? Lets see...

I ordered the Bumpy Road in its "Regular" firmness. Just like I established on the review for the 2D Wavy Ripple, the Succubus' Regular firmness is very similar to the one you find on the classic Fleshlights. Like its sisters, the Bumpy Road is very stretchy and flexible, odorless, and fine to the touch.

The canal of the Bumpy Road is straight and wider. Since the entrance is wider than in the other Succubi, it is easier to "finger" the toy. The bumps are easily noticeable and inviting, so you can imagine the next step... trying the masturbator with my penis!

Comparing this masturbator to the STU is unfair - the Succubus' bumps are softer than the STU's bumps, so the stimulation is more gradual. Even with softer bumps, the Bumpy Road provides immediate feedback and a constant stimulation that drives you to the edge of orgasm and keeps you there for a while. My sessions with this toy felt longer than the ones I have with similar toys, but when I checked the clock, none of them lasted more than 45 minutes. This Succubus has the power of warping time! (Ha, Ha, Ha!). The orgasm buildup with the Bumpy Road is slow, but when it reaches you, the orgasm is intense and fulfilling.

Just like the other Succubus, the Bumpy Road works well as a handheld stroker, but feels better during hands-free sessions. It fits easily into most of my dolls' vaginal orifices, so I can enjoy the experience with different "bodies". I really enjoyed it while using "Rosa", my C18 Candy.

As with most closed end toys, cleaning can be an issue, requiring to turn the sleeve inside out (something I don't like to do), or inserting a towel inside the canal to speed the drying and avoid mold inside the toy. The Succubus material ("Succubus Skin") is flexible enough to turn the masturbator inside out without problem, so cleaning and drying is easy if you prefer that method. Maintenance is pretty easy, requiring a light starching / powdering for the toy to keep its softness to the touch.

Verdict: If you want a budget masturbator for "edging" (building up your orgasm to almost ejaculation), the Succubus Bumpy Road is your choice. It is a great addition to any sex toy collection!

Value: High

Preference: High

NOTE: The prices given for TOMAX products only apply to the USA. European readers of The Casquetero Files had pointed that in Europe, the prices are three times higher than in the USA.




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