Smaller Manufacturers

Craftsmanship and Talent for Your Pleasure
One of the big advantages of technology is that it allows the smaller guy to compete face to face with bigger opponents. The sex toy industry is not the exception, and thanks to development in materials such as silicone, the affordability of 3D printers, and the Internet, we can enjoy toys made on a smaller scale by people that can only be called New Age Artisans.

This New Age Artisans make toys to fulfill the niches that the bigger companies are not interested in dealing with because they are not too profitable or are too controversial. We have smaller companies making sex toys based on anthromorphic creatures, fantasy characters like elves and demons, sexualized My Size Barbies, and many others catering to our individualized fanasies and fetishes.

If you are one of these New Age Artisans making sex toys, feel free to contact me to write a review of your product. I will be honored to give you some free publicity...

Reviews of Toys Made by Smaller Companies (by Alphabetic Order)
Mary, the Anthro Mare (Bad Dragon)
Novelleco Oral Head (eBay)

 ¡Viva La Casqueta!