Review - Sexy School Bundle

  • Originally reviewed on May 21, 2011

  • Pros: Set of three masturbators, different sensations, good as doll inserts

  • Cons: Simple textures, small toys

  • Original Score under RPP 2 rules: 33/40

  • Revised Score: 90/100


I bought the Sexy School Bundle because I wanted a few extra cheap inserts for my Venus R doll. My first impressions on this bundle of three sleeves was that I would maybe use each of the sleeves twice before they disintegrated like the Mint Suzuki. Each one of the onaholes is supposedly inspired by one of three characters: “Honoka”, “Aina”, and “Lilia”. Which one is which one, I have no idea, but each one of the onaholes has a distinct feeling starting with their orifices. None of the orifices or textures want to be realistic - they are simply something to stick your penis inside and move it inside until you cum. And in that, I have to say they are good.

When I opened the packages, I was afraid the onaholes would rip as soon I penetrated them - the diameter of the entrance hole is about 1/4 of an inch - even when my penis is not too thick. Surprisingly, the material is extremely stretchy, accommodating easily to my girth and allowing me to enjoy the texture. The texture of each one of these onaholes is relatively simple: a combination of nubs and ribs in a variety of diameters, but the simple combination works great when used on a hands free method. I placed them in the holes of my Love Venus R and my Teddy Babe "Akiko" and they worked wonders. Once your penis is well lubed, these cheap alternatives were head to head with even the most expensive Meiki.

Due to their hole thru design, they are easy to clean and relatively fast to dry. This sexy school can count on me to enroll anytime it is in session.

Value: Medium For $50 (or about $16 per onahole) they deliver the same punch as the Tenga onaholes, but these are reusable and are easy to clean.

Preference: Medium Good for inserting in dolls, but require extra prep time to fit snugly (and avoid cum to go into the doll) .



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