Review - C18 Schoolgirl (Sandra)

  • Originally reviewed on April 11, 2012

  • Small scale solid doll - just 42 inches tall

  • Foam core doll with silicone / urethane skin

  • Pros: Small size, lightweight, easy to store

  • Cons: Requires constant repairs with special sealer, low manufacturing quality


NOTE: In July 2013, C18 was purchased by another company - Cyber Sex Dolls. Althought Cyber Sex Dolls said they would keep the C18 models and website, it is unknown what changes they will do to the products.

SandraThe Schoolgirl is what I like to call "scale down ladies". This doll is small - just 42 inches tall from head to toe - and light, weighting about 5 pounds. Even with that small size, the friends at C18 made this small lady all woman, so no one can say it is based on a child.

The Schoolgirl has a full developed figure, with maybe the best breast / ass combination of the C18 current doll models. Her face is cartoonish, since it was originally designed to be C18's "anime" doll, but she ended looking more similar to Jessica Rabbit than any Japanese anime girl.

"She looks cool, but what about sex?" Well, the guys at C18 made her for sex. She only has vaginal capability, but the tight entrance feels so lifelike, that the Kimberly will be your "call girl" for those lazy mornings when you wake with a stiff... neck. Like all C18 dolls, the Schoolgirl has a foam core covered with a proprietary silicone / urethane blend, meaning she feels lifelike to the touch. Unlike her C18 sisters, this small lady has  eyes painted with acrylic paint, so expect the eyes and makeup to peel or fade after aSandra 2 few months. Still, she is a perfect entry into any sex doll collection.

Because of the tight vaginal entrance, the doll cannot accept any insert... and is prone to develop tears on the genital area. Be ready to be constantly repairing her ass and vagina or get C18's Small Doll, another scaled doll developed after the Schoolgirl which accepts inserts.





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