Review - Quty Tits

  • Originally reviewed on ???, 2012

  • Small breasts toy with an extremely realistic feeling to the touch

  • Pros: Feel real, easy to store

  • Cons: They get dirty easily, delicate.

  • Never scored due to uniqueness


Breasts. Boobs. Bazoongas. Funbags. Chichis. Tetas. Melons. It does not matter how you call them, if you are a guy, you like them. You like how they bounce, how they feel, and yes, how they look when those nipples are erect... No matter the color, shape, or size, breasts are the perfect sex toy.

The problem with perfection is that it is difficult to duplicate. That explain why you don't see as many breasts masturbation toys in the market. Natural breasts are soft and bouncy - and most artificial boobs feel like they are made of rubber. Many companies have tried to duplicate the soft and bouncy feeling of breasts, but few have succeeded.

One of the successful companies is the Japanese company ToMax with not one, but two great breasts toys: Quty Tits and Busty Aichan (both available in the USA only through These toys are made using something they call the Yawachichi (soft breasts) process, combining the already soft Succubus skin with an inner softer gel. That combination results in the closest thing to a real breast in the market - soft, giggly, and squeezable.

If you are a fan of small sized breasts, the Quty Tits is the toy for you. The Qutys are the size of a B-cup breast and weight 9 ounces each. They are fun to play with, feeling like the breasts of a young petite woman. Not too giggly, but soft and squeezable as any 18 years old tits should feel.

One thing you will notice immediately is that the Quty Tits are separate. You can separate them as much as you want and that allows for easy customization. Besides caressing, kissing, and fondling these breasts, you can also use them to modify sex dolls - inflatable or solid - to make them more realistic. Check the blog entry about modifying the Aki.

But wait, you don't need the doll! Do you notice the blond anime girl on the package? The guys at Tomax placed a cutout of that anime girl ready for you to place the Quty Tits on top of her and well, enjoy the visuals while playing with your new toy. The sensations are so close to reality, that if you close you eyes while squeezing these toys, you can swear you are dealing with the real thing.

For a tit job, you need to place the Qutys on a flat surface. Even after finding a good position, getting a tit job from the Qutys can be slightly difficult because they are separate breasts - you will need to use Velcro or another substance to keep them in place. Once you manage the logistics, go ahead and enjoy the ride. Before I forget, remember to use some water based lubricant... and get a towel. You will need it!

There was a thing I did not like: You MUST keep the plastic cases these toys come packaged. Unlike the real thing, the material of the Quty Tits has a  tendency to be a dust magnet. That considered, it is a small price to play one of the biggest fantasies most guys have.

Verdict: The Quty Tits is really a fetish toy that feels incredibly real to the touch. With a price around $65, it is kind of an expensive toy, but really worth if you are a fan of breast play.


NOTE: The prices given for TOMAX products only apply to the USA. European readers of The Casquetero Files had pointed that in Europe, the prices are three times higher than in the USA.


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