Review - Peach Pai

  • Originally reviewed on October 8, 2011

  • Low intensity toy with an interesting concept

  • Pros: Low cost, good orgasm buildup.

  • Cons: Tends to rip at the entrance

  • Average Score under RPP 2 rules: 30/40

  • Revised Score: 90/100


Japanese toys are the weirdest in the world, both in names and in concepts. One of these weird concepts is the Peach Pai. It has a funny name - it reminded me of the now classic American Pie scene where the guy sticks his penis into a nice and warm pie - and a funny appearance thanks to its slight curve. Apparently, in Japanese, Peach Pai refers to soft and round breasts and this sleeve take that concept to the masturbation sleeve. Is it good? It is simply weird? Lets go to the review so I can share the details...

The Peach Pai is a soft masturbator sleeve manufactured by Toys Heart in Japan and it is an interesting concept. It has three main sections: a bumped section with a pair of "breast-shaped" bumps with nipples, another two smooth bumps, then a short thick ribs section, ending with a bulb shaped smooth section. The sleeve has a short curve at the entrance making its looks kind of funny.

The Peach Pai is a sleeve on the $25 range and it shows. Its material is soft - almost like life feeling while you use it - but still has the resistance and consistency of something artificial. It is designed to be used as a hand-held device, giving a good grip and allowing to be squeezed as desired while using it. One of the reasons of the bulb shaped smooth section at the end of the sleeve is to allow the user to squeeze and remove air from the interior of the sleeve, increasing the suction of the closed end design. A unique thing about the spongy material of the Peach Pai is that when you press it, the material distributes the pressure - you don't feel the points where your fingers are pressing, but you feel the pressure all over your penis.

Although it is designed as a handheld masturbator, the Peach Pai fits perfectly in the vaginal cavities of most low-end solid dolls such as the Teddy Babes, the Venus R torso, and other Japanese made dolls. Using it placed into one of these dolls changes the experience, giving a soft and nice orgasm build up thanks to the softness of the material and the natural feeling stimulation provided by the three different structures. Depending on both the depth and the angle of penetration, you can feel as if you are fucking three different pussies.

The sleeve size allows for most men to enjoy it, but be aware that the entrance lips are tight and they get easily ripped after a few uses. The Peach Pie is a closed sleeve, so get ready for a difficult clean up with water and some soap. Drying this sleeve takes time, so I will recommend to use a thin cloth to dry excess water from the inside as soon as you wash it. Also, a bit of alcohol helps to avoid mold development due to the material's porosity.


The Peach Pai is an interesting sleeve to have in your collection if you like low intensity toys. It is fun to use by yourself or with your partner and if you like to use dolls to play, it is a good insert to play through long sessions. It is fun to use, but mostly for doll use.



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