FL Review - Original Pink Lady

  • Originally reviewed on December 15, 2010

  • The Original was the first texture available from ILF.

  • Pros: Surprisingly good, intense orgasms for a smooth toy

  • Cons: Tunnel could be too wide for some users

  • Original Score under RPP 1 rules: 41/ 50 (Vibro Original)

  • Revised Score: 23 / 25



This is the toy that started everything for ILF - a rubber pussy with a smooth tunnel of 0.75 inches of diameter (1.88 cms). It is loved by many, hated by others. Personally,  I had low expectations for this Fleshlight since it is the widest canal from Fleshlight and it doesn't have any texture to keep my little friend happy. I expected "so-so" sessions with it - and I have to admit I underestimated the power of the Original.

The Original is smooth and wide, but it gives you immediate feedback when using it. Instead of intensity a-la STU, you receive a silky texture that engulfs your penis. It is like a delicate, but ever present caress. With the Original, I was able to extend my session as I wanted, ending in an explosive orgasm that built slowly for 60 or even 90 minutes. I cannot say the orgasms made me scream, but they left me panting and gasping for air - something I never expected from the Original texture.

IMO, the Original feels close to fucking a mature woman's pussy around 40 - she is there, but not too rough on you - and the sensations are close enough to the real thing (even better according to some).

As most Fleshlights, just place it under the faucet and flush between 30 and 60 seconds on both ends with running water. Not too difficult to clean.

I could recommend the Original Lady to any one with a girth starting on the 5 inches and that wants to receive soft stimulation during a session. Also, the Original could be considered as a good "palate cleanser" after using too many intense masturbatory toys. 

Revised Score: 23 / 25

Feedback: 4 / 5

Orgasm BuidUp: 5 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Durability: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5


 ¡Viva La Casqueta!