Review - Ona Pit Series

  • Originally reviewed on September 2, 2011

  • Small toys sold individually

  • Pros: Really cheap, easy to clean, perfect for travel.

  • Cons: Can be tricky to use due to unusual textures.

  • Average Score under RPP 2 rules: 35/40

  • Revised Score: 90/100


The Ona Pit Series is a line of economy masturbators that is a strange mix of the commonly known masturbation sleeve with a head masturbator - a type of masturbator used to rub your penis head, which although not too popular in the West, it is very popular in Japan. They are just 3 inches long and having an entrance of 1.25 inches in diameter are sure to be snugly on any penis.

The material of the Ona Pit is a harder type of silicone, so if you are used to the softness of the meikis, these cheap fuckers are going to feel like sandpaper until you get used to them.

Ona Pit Dots

The first Ona Pit I used was the Dots variety. As the name implies, the texture is a bunch of nubs of different diameters that give the sensation of little bites all over your penis. Be aware that due to the short length of the Ona Pits, you cannot stroke as deeply as you are used with Fleshlights or meikis, neither can use them hands free. These toys shine if you use them with plenty of lube and then turning them on your penis as if adjusting a nut and a screw. Mix some soft circular motions on the head area and you have a winner!

 Ona Pit Pleats

The Pleats has the same dimensions and material as the Dots, but the internal texture is much more complex - and much more satisfying. The ribs and the varying diameter of the shaft canal gives constant feedback if you decide to stroke while the small nubs at the head make wonders when rubbing the penis head with them. Definitively my favorite Ona Pit of the four.

Ona Pit Sucker

 The texture of this toy is one of the strangest I had seen so far - it resembles the suckers on an octopus' tentacles. I know that octopuses are famous in Japan, but putting them as the texture of a masturbation toy is hilarious to me.

The funny thing is that the damn things felt good on my penis. The texture is very subtle, but it shines when you press the toy while using it - the small suckers do exactly that, kissing your skin. Imagine dozens of small lips kissing your penis and you have the idea of how this small cheap toy feels. Not intense, but extremely pleasurable if you take your time to play with it.

 Ona Pit Waves

The clear Waves is maybe the only deception of the group. It does the work, but I found its parallel waves texture too delicate for me. In stroking, it doesn't work at all, and only turning this toy around the penis allows you to feel the texture. It is kind of a frustrating toy because it takes a while to understand how to use it to feel something with it.

Verdict: If you are looking for a discrete, easy to clean toy (just turn inside out under a faucet with running water), and are on a budget, the Ona Pits are the toys for you. Very resistant for a $5 toy, this little thing can make a lonely night in a hotel a more enjoyable evening.


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