Review - Meiki Chika Eiro

  • Originally reviewed on August 31, 2012

  • Pros: Economic toy with realistic texture and high quality materials

  • Cons:Low stimulation, needs to be turned inside out to dry completely

  • Original Score under RPP 3 rules:38 / 40

  • Revised Score: 90/100


Chika Eiro is one of the hottest Japanese Adult Video stars (or JAV star). In her early 20's, she has been already in countless sex scenes involving some of Japan's common fetishes: schoolgirl, young teacher, secretary, nurse, cosplay, and others. She is skinny and sexy - and her meiki just completes the picture.

Chika Eiro's meiki has perfect pussy lips with a tiny orifice. Unlike the ZXY and the Sarah, the Chika Eiro is a single layer meiki - the tunnel is made with the same soft material than the exterior - so you can expect more delicate sensations than if using the ZXY.

The tunnel as in all other meikis from NPG, is a curved and variable diameter path with a very detailed and organic texture of nubs and ribs. The softness of the material and the detailed and tight textured tunnel point to one of those masturbators that will make you cum like a madman after an intense session.

One of the things I love about meikis is their realism - and the Chika Eiro is no exception. It feels realistic when you enter it and even better when you are fucking it. The texture is always present, but thanks to the single material, it is a pleasant soft stimulation that allows you to build a powerful orgasm. Like all realistic masturbators, it gives a complete different set of sensations depending on the angle of penetration and the orientation of the masturbator. The stimulation points vary depending if you are simulating missionary, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. It is a real exquisite rubber pussy...

By the way, the Chika Eiro comes with a rather big sample of lotion - a very thick lotion that is also sold separately. The lubricant is good, but it is so thick that some will prefer to use some water to tone it down a notch or two.

Now, the Chika Eiro is not perfect. First of all, it has one of those damned small orifices. I don't know why Japanese companies love to use those small entry - maybe is the sensation of fucking a virgin - but I really hate them. These small orifices ALWAYS rip when I fuck any masturbator that has them and the Chika Eiro was not the exception. It developed a small rip at the entrance after the first use, but it did not rip further than just a few millimeters. In my opinion, the wider opening makes the meiki easier to use and more enjoyable, so I don't complain... but that ripped entrance is always an eye sore on an otherwise perfect pussy.

Cleaning the Chika Eiro is just like cleaning any other heavy closed masturbator: easy to clean, but a pain to dry. Get used to use some alcohol to speed up the process. If you use the included lotion, be ready to spend a few minutes cleaning the interior, because the Chika lotion is so stringy that requires a lot of water to clean.

Value: High

Preference: High

Verdict: Another great product from NPG and a good addition to fans of meikis. It is an expensive toy - about $75 - but its realism quite deserve the price.



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