Review - Virgin Maria "Maria Okazaki"

  • Originally reviewed on March 3, 2012

  • Pros: Unique double firmness toy with an organic texture.

  • Cons: Tiny orifice hole tends to rip.

  • Original Score under RPP 3 rules: 31 / 40

  • Revised Score: 90/100


The Maria Okazaki ("Maria" from now on) is a moderate size masturbator done in Japan by MODE-design and sold in the US by QueenCat Adult Toys. On the outside, it looks exactly like its sister "Yukina". The only difference is the color and the firmness of the material. Unlike the "Yukina", the "Maria" is made of a single firmness - in fact, the same one from the second part of the "Yukina". Besides being of a single firmness, the other difference is the internal design of the canal.

Maria also behaves like a virgin woman, even more than Yukina. Because of the firmer material, entering the tiny Maria hole is more difficult if you are not at full mast. Also, it requires a thin lube for you to feel the subtle texture of the walls - a thicker lube increases the suction, but decreases the sensations from the texture. The other thing is that Maria is going to get ripped - badly. My Maria got her pussy lips completely ripped on our first date and on the second, the rip increased by a quarter of an inch. Once the rip was wide - about 1.5 inches long - it stops ripping, even after some heavy pounding during the third session.

Sessions with the Maria were good, but not as good as with the Yukina. Orgasm buildup takes time because of the more subtle textures of the interior tunnel , especially if you use a thick lube. The orgasm is satisfactory, but it is nothing out of the extraordinary.

Cleaning is not too difficult for a closed end toy. It requires some fingering and running water to clean property, but after a few minutes, Ms. Okozaki was clean and ready for another round.

Value: Medium

Preference: Medium

Verdict: The Virgin Maria "Maria Okazaki" is an average masturbator. The toy has a good material and a nice texture, but the rip at the entrance reduced the enjoyability of this sleeve.



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