Love Venus R Doll - "Ada"

  • Originally reviewed on February 6, 2011

  • My first ever solid sex doll

  • Pros: Cuddly, easy to store, easy to repair

  • Cons: Can only use mid sized inserts, blank face, looks like an amputee

  • Revised Score: 90/100


In my search for Masturbatory Heaven, love dolls were not even considered. Inflatables were too stupid looking and fragile for me (I weight above 300 pounds) and the high end silicone dolls were too expensive and difficult to move. Everything changed when I pulled the trigger and bought a Love Venus R doll - a Japanese made plush torso with arms (no hands), thighs, and a head.

When I received the Love Venus R back on January 2011, I fell in love with the doll's proportions. They are realistic for a 5 feet woman. Bust is a 34 - 36 B, waist is just 23 inches and hips are a good 36 inches. The ass and hips became my favorite characteristic right from the bat - I'm an "ass man", so grabbing this doll's round ass was a pleasure on first contact.

The vaginal hole of the Love Venus R is too small to fit the bigger masturbators like Fleshlights or Meikis, but it accepts most toys made by ToysHeart and other Japanese companies.  The placing of the hole is not perfect, but still it is much more comfortable than using a Fleshlight using the "shoe method". The doll allows you to practice various sexual positions - missionary, doggie style, sitting and cowgirl. The arms and thighs take a time to get used to, but once you know what to do with them, they become another turn on as they can be an active role in fantasies. The skin fabric feel real enough and absorbs some heat - so it doesn't feel as if you are fucking / touching a corpse.

Where the Love Venus R really shines is that it becomes a blank slate for fantasies. At first, the blank face is creepy as hell, but if your imagination is good enough, it will become whoever you want it to become. Also, if you have heard that a wig can change a woman - it is true. A simple wig changes the look of the Venus R and helps on developing fantasies. I tried different ways to give the doll some personality, until I settled by using a mask from the Air Usahane doll It is not a perfect fit, but "Ada" now has a regular personality.

As is customary in the doll community, I began dressing my doll as soon it arrived. The Venus R uses the following clothing sizes:

  • Wigs: Can use either child or normal adult wigs.

  • Tops: Juniors 9-12, Adult S

  • Dresses: Junior 10-12, Adult S

  • Bra: 34 B

  • Panties: Adult S (4-6)

General Verdict

In general, the Venus R is a good love doll and a great addition to my collection. There are still some positive and some negatives, but overall, I love this overpriced pillow. It is a pricey toy, but compared to other solid dolls, it is a good buy.





 ¡Viva La Casqueta!