Review - Lillith Uterus

  • Originally reviewed on August 27, 2012

  • Pros: Economic toy with realistic texture and high quality materials

  • Cons:Low stimulation, needs to be turned inside out to dry completely

  • Original Score under RPP 3 rules:37 / 40

  • Revised Score: 23 / 25


The Lilith Uterus has a tunnel texture similar to the Venus Real - an ultra realistic, low stimulation texture with lots of organic creases and nubs. The end of the tunnel is a dotted uterus, complete with a cervix, which can be used for additional suction or additional stimulation, depending on how deep you go inside the masturbator. For this review, I got the Uterus in the soft firmness, so the stimulation felt even more delicate.

The Venus Real made me fucking it twice in a row before I felt spent, so I was pumped up when I got the Lilith Uterus. The texture is a low stimulation one, meaning your sessions will be longer than the usual 20 minutes (also meaning the orgasms could be on the epic scale). To increase my session time, I picked the soft firmness, so the tunnel was even more delicate than usual. I have to say I made a good choice...

This masturbator's texture is a low intensity design, so you just need a little bit of lube to enjoy it. It is extremely soft - it basically caress your penis while you fuck it - but it keeps you interested with its tightness. The tunnel has different widths with random bumps, and that was more than enough to keep me hard. Unlike other toys with a cervix, the Uterus' cervix did not "popped" every time my penis went through it. Maybe it was due to the softness of the material, but I enjoyed the sensation of a ring around my penis head without the hard popping.

The Uterus is an orgasm builder - you will hump this toy for so long that you can feel the penis expanding just before your climax. Orgasms with this masturbator were strong and more than satisfactory.

Cleaning the Uterus will require you to turn it inside out due to the cervix. If you do not turn the toy inside out, you risk for water to stay trapped on the uterus area - a common issue with toys including a cervical node on their tunnel design. The good thing is that the Lillith series is a strong toy and the Uterus does not suffer from regular handling. Just be careful when turning the toy inside out to avoid unnecessary rips.

Verdict: The Lilith Uterus is fun to use and it is a great addition to your collection - if you like realistic masturbators. The Uterus is aimed at users looking for a soft, long session, so intensity freaks should stay away from the Uterus. Perfect for lazy morning sessions. A must have for $35.

RPP Score: 23 / 25

Feedback: 3 / 5

Orgasm Build Up: 5 / 5

Realism: 5 / 5

Durability: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

NOTE: The prices given for TOMAX products only apply to the USA. European readers of The Casquetero Files had pointed that in Europe, the prices are three times higher than in the USA.

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