Teddy Babe Akiko - "Kyoko"

  • Originally reviewed on July 5, 2011

  • Asian model of the Teddy Babes line

  • Pros: Cute, fun to sleep with, easy to repair and maintain.

  • Cons: Cartoonish looks, extremely stiff when new


When I began my sex doll collection, the second lady I got was a standard Teddy Babe. In this case, I got an "Akiko" which is the Asian model of their line.

As advertised, Teddy Babes are "cuddle monsters", and the reality is that they are perfect for cuddling. These dolls are basically an adult themed version of the teddy bears many of us remember from our childhood. The Teddy Babe has cartoonish features, vinyl eye decals, latex lips, and ridiculously large breasts. Its hands have individual fingers with acrylic fingernails while the feet are toeless.  They are known as cuddling monsters because they feel as good as the mentioned teddy bears: TBs are soft, cute as hell, and even sexy when photographed.

TBs come from the factory ready to use: they come dressed in a teddy lingerie with matching panties, attached good quality wig, earrings, a removable velour pouch in the vaginal area for sex making / masturbation, a pair of color matching stockings, and an instruction / care booklet. I bought the "Akiko" model which resembled an Asian woman, but the manufacturer has other models available - brunettes, Latinas, redheads, blondes, and even a vampire model!

Now, they can be cuddly and adorable, but that is not the purpose I bought her - the purpose was to use it as a "sleeve mount": a place to put my sleeves to have hands free sessions. So, is a TB good to fuck?

The answer to this question is a single word: frustrating. When new, the TBs are stiff as a board - the legs barely open and their wire skeleton is hard to bend. Once you pose the TB for a few weeks (so the wire skeleton looses a little), then the legs open wide enough. That is part of the frustration - the doll is almost impossible to use as a sex toy during the first few weeks of ownership. You have to "play" with it so the wire skeleton softens.

Then the insert is another frustration. The original velour insert is not erotic at all, so many owners substitute it with any of the onaholes / sleeves inserts commercially available. Fleslights or full size Meikis do not fit, so you have to stick with mid size inserts similar to the ones used with the Love Venus R. Missionary position is tricky, requiring a few strategically placed pillows to allow for sex making. Her on top is quite easy to achieve once the legs open enough, and doggy style is possible once the wire skeleton is softened enough.

That said, TBs are addictive. Their manufacturer Eight Wonder says in their website that once you go plush, you will never come back. I'm not sure about that, but I can say for sure you will want more. After a few weeks using the doll, you will want to keep it close, specially at bedtime.

Verdict: Teddy Babes are a good entry-level doll that allows customization and good hands free sessions once her skeleton looses its original stiffness.




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