Inflatababes - Kawai Rimi

  • Originally reviewed on  February 2, 2013

  • Anime doll in the doggie style position

  • Pros: Cute graphics, cool body, accepts most Japanese medium sized toys

  • Cons: Delicate seams, difficult to fill without a pump

  • Inflatababe Score: 20 / 25



The Kawai Rimi is a vinyl inflatable doll in the kneeling position. Like her "cousin" Kishimoto Serika, Rimi has a detailed printed face with the required pink hair, big breasts without nipples, simple feet, and mitten hands. The arms are also in a hugging position and her legs are well spread, so you can place your new friend on top of you without problems. Since this is a full-sized doll, you can use regular women clothes on her if you want. She would wear a size XS / S. Like most anime dolls, the Kawai Rimi has a cute face design and a thin waist.

The inflated doll looks decent with seams that are not too sharp and an insert hole big enough to accept most midsize Japanese masturbators like the 17 Bordeaux and the Succubus and Lillith lines. The breasts are at least a size smaller than in the Serika, which makes the Rimi look more realistic when you are holding and grabbing her breasts.

The kneeling position is perfect for cowboy / reverse cowboy positions during use. You can also use the doll in the missionary position and even in the doggie style, but my favorite by far was the reverse cowgirl.

Inflatababe Score: 21 / 25

Looks: 4/5 (Not bad looking.)

Realism: 4/5

Fuckability: 5/5 (Accepts most Japanese mid size masturbators)

Durability: 5/5 (So far, still holding air)

Inflation / Deflation: 3/5 ((Need a pump or a good set of lungs to fill this girl) 

Verdict: The Kawai Rimi is a classic for a reason: It is a fun doll to play with. Like the Serika, you will need to shop around to find it at the right price (around $30), but she is worth it. Just throw away the cheap TPR masturbator and replace it with your favorite Japanese sleeve.


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