Japanese Masturbators

The Crazy World of Japanese Sex Toys
The Japanese are known for many things - and one of these things is the crazy world of sexual practices. The Japanese see sex under a different light than us in the West... Science Fiction, monsters, rape, teenagers, most of the things that are taboo for us in the West are common topics for sexual fantasies in Japan - and their toys reflect those fetishes and particular interests.

Here, you will find the reviews of the Japanese toys I had used. There are many different manufacturers of male sex toys in Japan, so it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to review all of them. Also have in mind that it is possible to have the same toy with different names depending on the distributor / store you buy it from. With that in mind, click on the name of the toy to read its review.

Reviews of Japanese Masturbators (Alphabetic Order)
Busty Ai-Chan
Busty Nurse
Clone Meiki Mint Suzuki
G-Mode LX2 - Added October 27, 2013
Girl In A Box Loliho
HEPS Fantastic
Innocent Younger Sister
Kosaka Meguru Meiki Clone
Meiki Chika Eiro

Meiki Hibiki Ootsuki (Meiki 008)

Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu
Monster Kakusei
My Ona Pet 2
Ona Pit Series
Ona Pit
Ona Pit
Ona Pit
Peach Pai
Premium Bitch Kurea
Quty Tits
Sakura's Camel Toe
Seventeen Bordeaux
Seventeen EVO - Added October 10, 2013
Sexy School Bundle
Si-X Type N
Slut Announcer
Spider Masturbator
Sujiman Kopa Roa
Super Mini Meiki Chinatsu
TENGA 3D Polygon Stroker
TENGA Flip Hole Black
TENGA Flip Hole Red - Added September 21, 2013
TENGA Flip Hole White
Tomax Lillith Uterus
Tomax Lillith Spiral Dots
Tomax Lillith Spiral Wave
Tomax Succubus Dots
Tomax Succubus Wave 2D
Tomax Succubus Bumpy Road
Tomax Succubus Standard Ripple
Tomax Venus Cross
Tomax Venus Real
Tomax Venus Clone
Tomax Venus Clone - Very Soft Firmness

Tsurupeta Laboratory Girl

Virgin Maria "Maria Okazaki"

Virgin Maria "Yukina Yotogi"

Virgin Sister Meiki
Work At Night

 ¡Viva La Casqueta!