Smaller Manufacturers - Novelleco's Oral Head

  • Originally reviewed on  April 11, 2012

  • Silicone head made by Novelleco, an eBay seller.

  • Pros: Realistic mannequin head, excellent quality, great price, perfect for oral pleasure

  • Cons: No body available from seller, sales are sporadic, limited offering


I don't know about you, but I LOVE blowjobs. Sloppy, wet blowjobs early in the morning had been my favorites - and something that barely happened in my life. I tried to replicate that experience with the dolls having oral capabilities (Alexa and Rosa), but still the experience fell short of realism due to the material of the dolls. So, I kept looking for a good "head" from a doll. Looking around, I found this silicone mannequin head designed for oral sex in e-Bay and went for it right away.

This head, sold exclusively in e-Bay by novelleco, solved my problem. This head is made of cured platinum silicone and comes with her "eyes" closed and with full makeup from the seller. He also includes a removable silicone tongue and a wig with the purchase.

Monica HeadFor less than $200, novelleco has been able to develop one of the best oral mannequins available in the market. The head is available in three "skin" tones - Asian, Caucasian, and Dark - all with an open mouth able to accommodate 5 inches of your best friend. The packaging is better than most doll sellers, protecting the head with layers of foam and including the materials you will need to take care of your oral head.

I bought two of these heads - the one in the photo and a dark skin tone -  and I have to say that since I received these mannequins, I have had the best head in a long time. The mouth has no texture, besides the natural variation produced by the silicone curing process. The tongue included is an interesting addition, but because of my girth, the tongue made the mouth too tight for my liking. Still, you can pierce that tongue to add extra sensations to the experience - which by itself is pretty good.

That said, I needed a body for those heads. After playing around with different options, I settled for a flexible dummy I also found on eBay from another vendor. The dummy is a canvas body, about 5'9" tall, filled like a plush toy, with a heavy wire skeleton. It weights about 20 pounds and although it is NOT a love doll, it feels very similar to a Teddy Babe Deluxe at a fraction of the cost (about $140 including shipping). The hands are hard plastic (and not too feminine), but I can live with them.

After a few minor modifications (such as adding a post to the head), now I have two full sized dolls similar to the TBD but at a fifth of its price. I spent a total of $260 in each of these dolls - named Monica and Maritza - way less than the $1,200 of a TBDs. Like Charlie Sheen says... WINNING!




 ¡Viva La Casqueta!