Review - HEPS Fantastic

  • Originally reviewed on December 29, 2012 for ToyDemon

  • Pros: High quality, realistic oral sex simulator

  • Cons: Complicated to use the first time

  •  Score on ToyDemon Blog: 9.4 / 10

  • Score RPP 3.5: 24 / 25


One of the first things you notice about this Korean toy is the case. It comes in a package that resembles a DVD case, with a frontal illustration of the HEPS Fantastic and the image of a female android while the back has lots of Japanese text with graphics comparing the features of the HEPS Fantastic with the different parts of the human mouth. I loved the comparison because they used colors, showing you what structures of the simulator correspond with the human mouth organs. Inside of the case, you find the HEPS placed in a cradle.Once you take the HEPS out of its craddle, you realize this toy is unique. It is lighter than most other masturbators and it is one of the most discreet toys in the market. Completely closed, it looks more like a travel-size electric shaver than a sex toy, and with all the text, labels, and designs on the toy plastic case, it can even be mistaken for a computer accessory. When you remove the entry hole cover is when you finally see it as a sex toy. The meaty white lips pop out and then you can open the masturbator and look at the interior textures. The interior of the mouth is one of the most detailed I had ever seen in an oral simulator. You have some “teeth” at the top part, rigdes all around, a tongue with a curvature both at the point and at the midlength and deeper you notice bumps and a tighter section all the way in the back. It is one of those toys that screams “use me”...

During use, the lube you use will have a huge effect on the sensations. A thick lube will lessen the texture, feeling like an amateurish blow job. Using a thinner lube, the HEPS resemble a professional. You can adjust the HEPS to different pressure settings- pressure on the base of the penis, its tip or its shaft - and all feel great!

The HEPS fantastic is one of the easiest toys to clean I have seen. Remove the suction caps and flush the interior with running water – everything will pour out through the side holes. The magnetic attachments make detaching the sleeve a breeze, allowing for a fast clean up of both the sleeve and the case (if needed).

Verdict: The HEPS Fantastic is a pricey sucker (pun intended). It costs about $90, but it is the most realistic oral simulator I have tried so far. When they say “Rival Is Human”, HEPS was not bragging. It is a high quality toy and it shows on its presentation, design, and performance. If you are a fan of receiving oral sex, then you wont regret paying the price.

Rubber Pussy Project 3.5 Score: 24 / 25

Feedback: 4/5

Orgasm Buildup: 5/5

Realism: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Value: 5/5 

You can buy the HEPS Fantastic HERE!!

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