Review - TENGA Flip Hole Red

  • Pros: Middle intensity, allows to modify sensations by pressing discs

  • Cons: Noisy toy

  • Score RPP 3.5: 20 / 25


If there is a toy that I have a love - hate relationship is the TENGA Flip Hole series. They do their purpose, but they are noisy and often temperamental. I got the Red version of the series on an E-Bay auction for a reduced price and can say it is my favorite Flip Hole.

As all the Flip Hole toys, the FHR has a clam design which you open and lube before you use it. Also as all the Flip Hole toys, the FHR has three "discs" that allow you to apply more pressure on either the base, the shaft, or the head of your penis during use.

What makes each Flip Hole toy different is the textures inside the clam halves. The Black has very intense structures, the White has more subtle textures and the Red has the most passionate ones.

The FHR halves are covered with textures designed to make you cum, period. In the half supposed to touch the upper part of your penis, the toy has a set of subtle stubs that caress plus a ribbed "tongue" that will gently scrape the penis head. The other half, designed to excite the glans and the lower part of your little friend, starts with other set of subtle bumps that open the way to an array of three "pleasure fans" that will rub your glans, taking you to heaven.

Personally, this became my favorite Flip Hole toy because is not as aggressive as the FHB, but it gives you enough intensity to keep you on the edge of orgasm for a long time.

Be aware that like it sisters, the FHR can be noisy, producing lots of loud "farting" and slurping noises. Cleaning is pretty easy - just open the clam shell and place under a running water source until the clear textures are clean.

Verdict: The Flip Hole Red is a good toy to have if you are looking for a toy that does not look like a pussy. The textures are less intense than the ones in the Flip Hole Black, but they do an excellent job.

Rubber Pussy Project 3.5 Score: 20 / 25

Feedback: 4/5

Orgasm Buildup: 5/5

Realism: 2/5

Durability: 4/5

Value: 5/5 

You can buy your Flip Hole Red HERE!!

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