Cassidoll Body 0 - "Fatima"

  • Scaled down sillicone sex doll

  • Little girl has vaginal, anal, and oral openings.

  • Pros: Small size, realistic looks, sillicone torso.

  • Cons: Maker has bad reputation in the industry, looks like an amputee, almost impossible to get new.


Now and then, you see products that could change their industry but because of one problem or another they don't. That is the case of the Cassidoll...

Sillicone dolls like the Real Doll and Ruby 13 are great - but they are expensive and heavy to move around. Even with the latest technology, these full size dolls weight at least 50 pounds of dead weight... which is no easy feat to move around even if you are fit!

The Cassidoll solved the weight issue without sacrificing realism. It is a full sillicone doll - but scaled down to a 1 / 5 of the size of an adult. The full height of the doll is just 42 inches - 24 without the legs and arms - , but with all the goodies of a grown up.

The doll is a dream... Beautiful, realistic looks, perfect vaginal and anal orifices, functional oral capabilities (if you are average or smaller), easy to store and easy to move... The problem? Its maker - Shrade.

The Cassidoll is made by an artist known as Shrade. He made the ultimate sillicone doll - but he could not manage the business and his clients. He took lots of pre-orders for the Body 0  - the model of my Fatima which originally was a sillicone torso with foam arms and legs - and then he did not deliver.

If you go to the different doll forums on the webs, you will find a few personal comments about this guy... and most of them not good at all! Lets say that a few guys out there would gladly break Shrade's neck if they cross paths...

Because of the low turn out from Shrade, Cassidolls are almost a collector's item. Few people received their doll and those who did, love them to death. I was lucky to catch an used one - believe it or not, I am its third owner - and honestly, I don't plan to get rid of "her". The curves on the doll are perfect and it feels great in action.

The guy was the first one in the market of scaled down sillicone dolls. Now, he lost the chance of dominating that sector - companies like Virgin Rose, 1 AM, and Beautiful Dolls have similar products and they do deliver their goods on time.

Personally, this doll deserved a better promotion... it is that good!



 ¡Viva La Casqueta!