FL Reviews - Ecstasy

  • Pros: Simple but very effective texture.

  • Cons: Only available as part of the FJ Boys line

  • RPP 3.5 Score: 22 / 25



The FleshJack Ecstasy has a simple design of thick bands separated by bumps similar to the ones found on the Love Humps FLG. This texture seems to be a low intensity one, but it delivers in an unexpected way!

The Ecstasy is a low intensity texture, but its design keeps you pumping at all times. The closer you get to orgasm, the more you will feel the bands and that will drive you to explosive orgasms.

As all Fleshlight / FleshJack toys, cleaning is as easy as just running water through the toy.

Verdict: The Ecstasy is a low intensity texture that is perfect for long and slow sessions.

Revised Score: 22 / 25

Feedback: 4 / 5

Orgasm BuidUp: 5 / 5

Realism: 3 / 5

Durability: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

 ¡Viva La Casqueta!