FL Review - Cyborg

  • Originally reviewed on December 26, 2011

  • Introduced as part of the Fleshlight Freaks! line.

  • Pros: Low intensity sleeve, total control of session.

  • Cons: Not too intense for most users

  • Average Score under RPP 2 rules: 36/40

  • Revised Score: 22 / 25



The Cyborg is maybe the FLF (Fleshlight Freak) with the lowest reception of all. Maybe it is because it looks and performs as a low intensity sleeve very similar to the Original and the Lotus - and FL users tend to prefer high intensity textures such as the Destroya.

The Cyborg texture has an interesting orifice with pussy lips that create a nice vacuum when you go deep and caress your shaft if you go shallow on it. The interior has a short ribbed section, followed with what I call "the circuit" - a thin series of lines made to replicate the look of circuits that will lightly rub your penis head or shaft depending on how long you are or how deep you go into the sleeve. Then you find a series of soft chambers that feel as shorter sections of the Love Humps. It is definitively a low intensity sleeve, designed for longer sessions.

Personally, I liked this sleeve. Since it was designed as a low intensity sleeve, it allows you to go longer - up to an hour if you want to. Still, the sleeve has a surprise for those that like long sessions: The circuit begins to torture your shaft after a while. If you are "short" like me, that circuit strip will rub your engorged penis head driving you insane and into overdrive. Orgasms with this "bland" sleeve had been some of the longest and fulfilling I have had with a rubber pussy. Using it hands-free, changing the angle of penetration helped to delay the circuit torture, but it still hit strong whenever my penis head was swollen and ready to shoot.

Cleaning and drying is pretty easy. As with all FL models, you just need to wash with running water and let air dry. It dries pretty fast, often overnight.

Verdict: The Cyborg is a must have for those who like to take their time when masturbating. It is a low intensity texture, so stay away from it if you want regular and constant stimulus.

Value: High

Preference: High

Revised Score: 22 / 25

Feedback: 3 / 5

Orgasm BuidUp: 5 / 5

Realism:4 / 5

Durability: 5 / 5

Value: 5 / 5


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