Review - Seventeen Bordeaux

  • Originally reviewed on June 3, 2012

  • Medium sized masturbator with a low intensity texture that allows total control

  • Pros: Texture produces variety of sensations depending on use and type of lube used.

  • Cons: Texture can be too intense near climax

  • Original Score under RPP 3 rules:39 / 40

  • Revised Score: 20 / 25


The 17 Bordeaux (Bordeaux) is another dual layer toy from ToysHeart and its Seventeen series. Following on the tradition of the 17 family, the Bordeaux has a realistic wavy inner tunnel, but unlike the original 17, which was smooth, the Bordeaux has a textured canal. Taking from the Evo, the Bordeaux has a light, spongy material on the outside and a harder, slippery inner material, which in the case of the Bordeaux is a dark red color, similar to a red wine (the Bordeaux region from France is known by its red wines). The size is similar to the 17 Evo, allowing to place the masturbator in the vaginal hole of most Japanese made dolls / love bodies.

One thing about the 17 series is that they feel good. I have tried the 17 Evo, but the Bordeaux is a completely different experience. Although the Bordeaux shares the shape of the original 17 and a textured canal like the Evo, the texture on this new version is unique to the series. The Bordeaux has walls covered in randomly sized nubs, which are not too intense, but feel completely different depending on the angle and deepness of your penetration. Also, the experience will change depending if you use it as a hand masturbator or place it into the cavity of a doll to use it hands free.

As a handheld, the toy fits perfectly on the hand. The spongy exterior material of the Evo reappears to help on the grip and the squeezing to increase the suction - which feels nice and natural even without squeezing the toy. Even when used as a hands-free masturbator, the Bordeaux feels natural and it does not overwhelm you... unless you decide to go deep. Like all the toys on the 17 series, the Bordeaux has a cervix at the end of the tunnel. When you go deep into the toy, the head of your penis hits the cervix (which is slightly harder than the rest of the tunnel), sending you in overdrive. Hit the cervix three or four times and you will have a hard time avoiding cumming like a madman.

Talking about cumming... The Bordeaux is simply a masterpiece. This toy feels natural, but depending on how you use it, this new version can be as stimulating as the Evo, which many users (including myself) found too intense near the moment of climax. The Bordeaux allows your penis to expand previous to ejaculation and during that expansion, the nubs feel even better, making you pump harder and deeper. Once you start doing that, you hit the cervix and you are done. The orgasms using this toy were all of the toe-clenching type, which I did not expect based on the "subtle" nubs on the texture.

Cleaning this masturbator is easy, thanks to the width of its tunnel.

Value: High

Preference: High

Verdict: If you are a fan of toys that feel different every time you use them and allow you to have long sessions, the Bordeaux is perfect. On the other hand, if you are looking for intensity, remember that this toy becomes intense only when you are close to your orgasm.

Revised Score: 20 / 25

Feedback: 4 / 5

Orgasm Buildup: 5 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Durability: 4 / 5

Value: 4 / 5

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